Samurai For a Day:

The Tate Experience

Samurai Workout at Kagurazaka Dojo

Inside samurai workout
Learn how to draw and sheath the sword

...a methodical form of theatrical fighting, tate is both visually appealing and artistic.

What is Tate?

“Tate” can be loosely translated as sword fighting. Specifically, it is a form of martial arts primarily developed for acting. Japanese katana swords are used to demonstrate a systematic way of fighting to counter one or more opponents.

Considered a methodical form of theatrical fighting, “tate” is visually appealing and artistic. Fans of Japanese anime and film may be familiar with “tate”, featured in movies such as The Seven Samurai and Rurouni Kenshin.

Getting ready for samurai workout
Hakama fitting for all participants
Preparing hakama for Samurai Workout
To play the part, you have to look the part
Learning tate manners
Learn about tate manners and courtesy
Holding a sword for tate
Practice makes perfect

What Will I Do?

Simply stated, you’ll learn about the art of tate or theatrical Japanese sword-fighting, in a safe and structured environment with professionals.

To play the part, you have to look the part. First, you’ll be shown how to wear the hakama – no need to take off your street clothes. Next, you’ll receive instruction on appropriate courtesies in sword-fighting and proper handling of the sword.

A series of steps and motions necessary for any tate performance will be taught before a live tate demonstration between instructors. Then, participants will practice the theatrical performance of a given sword-fighting story.

The most powerful reenactments combine the memorization of learned performance skills, instinctive reflexes, and a gradual understanding of theatrical style to achieve fluidity within a dynamic story line. 


In addition, by interacting and communicating with your partner, participants will naturally observe patterns and sequences in one another’s tate.

Though not easy, the sense of achievement upon demonstrating all principles throughout a tate performance is second to none!

Learning how to hold a sword
Receive instruction on proper sword handling
Learning how to strike with sword
Practice tate performance skills

The most powerful reenactments combine the memorization of learned performance skills, instinctive reflexes, and a gradual understanding of theatrical style...

Learn More

Visit Samurai Workout to learn more about tate, the program, instructors, and more. 



40 Yokoteramachi, Shinjuku, Tokyo 162-0831

Conveniently located in Kagurazaka nearby Shinjuku and Waseda University – about a half hour or less from all central Tokyo locations.


Re-enacting sword fighting scene
Re-enact a sword-fighting scene
Practicing fighting scene
At its core, tate is a theatrical performance
Group photo at tate Samurai Workout
Friends, family and solo individuals are all welcome