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Tokyo Marathon 2023:

What You need to Know

Everything you want to know about the Tokyo Marathon 2023, including how to get into the 2023 Tokyo Marathon, where to stay, and more!

2022 Nariki Forest Trail Race: Race Report

Trail running in Tokyo! Learn about the Nariki Forest Trail Race in western Tokyo. 16km of tough, challenging climbs – is it worth it?

Cycling Shimanami 2022: Must-Know Information

Information about the Shimanami Kaido and Cycling Shimanami! Explore Japan by bike and appreciate the beauty of the southern Japanese islands. Cycling in Japan has never been easier!

Farm to Table - Farm Animals 14

The Sustainable Outdoors:

seasonal harvests and garden parties in the Miura Peninsula

A report on an experimental farm to table workshop at a local farm and bamboo grove in Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture.

Cycling in Nagano:

Previewing the Nagano Strong Bike Trip

A report on enjoying the best of autumn in Nagano Prefecture as we cycle approximately 170km and 3,300m of climbing over two days.

Register for Races in Japan: What Are Your Options?

Not sure where or how to register for races in Japan? Learn about your options, plus the pros and cons with each platform. From Sports Entry to Runnet, Lawson Do! Sports to Samurai Sports and more, check out our (kind of biased) assessment of Japan’s race registration websites! 

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Runners at the Ise Half Marathon

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Cyclists riding through Miyazaki

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