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Kyoto Marathon scenery

Miserable & Merry at the Kyoto Marathon

By Rich D.

You never know what to expect when participating in an event for the first time.  From how the race is organized to the weather, there is a lot that is out of your control.  But as Rich will tell you, focusing on your routine and with a little preparation, you will be prepared for anything thrown at you.

Read about Rich’s ups and downs on the way to the Kyoto Marathon.

Aso citizen forest

Lunch Break on the Trails: Four ideas for a quick nature run in west Tokyo

by Alain

As you saw in Alain’s previous article (read here), there is an abundance of nature surrounding Tokyo for you to enjoy.  This time around, Alain brings you into the heart of West Tokyo, and shows you some hidden trails squeezed between the skyscrapers and high rises.

Learn more about some great, short, nature runs in West Tokyo.

cherry blossoms in hagi castle town

Explore Hagi Iwami: Shimane & Yamaguchi Prefecture

By Faith

Come explore Hagi Iwami in Masuda, Shimane and see all the sightseeing spots, activities, restaurants, and more that Masuda City has to offer.  This up-and-coming tourist destination is only a 90 minute flight away from Tokyo and is a beautiful weekend getaway destination for the whole family

Tsuwano Cycling Tour 10

Tsuwano Ride: Cycling Explorations in Hagi and Iwami

By Faith

A visit to Tsuwano is exciting year-round! The bike friendly city, also known as Little Kyoto, is rooted in Japanese history and culture.  Some highlight along the ride are Takatsu River, Mt. Aono, Furuhashi sake brewery, Tonomachi Street, and the Taikodani Inari Shrine. 

Read more about cycling through Tsuwano City here.

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