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Taste of Japan Bike Tours is a travel company and cycling tour operator based in Japan. Our extensive experience in the travel and sports industries play a key role in our ability to develop meaningful itineraries and efficient routes for your cycling journey.

Taste of Japan Bike Tours currently offers Shimanami and Beyond, a series of three cycling journeys that start at Onomichi in Hiroshima Prefecture and travel across the islands of the Seto Inland Sea via the Shimanami Kaido before setting forth into a deeper exploration of west Japan.

More bike tours are in the pipeline – keep an eye on our website!

All of our bike tours provide the services necessary to ensure a comfortable experience. Each trip comes with two bike guides (including at least one certified bike mechanic), support van (SAG wagon), and designated driver.

why travel with us

Our bike tours aren’t focused on logging epic miles and eye-popping elevation. Taste of Japan Bike Tours always endeavors to strike the balance between cycling and tourism. Our guests value interacting with people, learning new things, and trying something different.

So, whether it’s a crash course on riding public transportation or eating sushi without offending the chef, our local team members actively provide the context to make your trip come alive and the insight to consciously engage with the culture.

Explore the country with real people who enjoy cycling and call Japan home. Join us for a real taste of Japan.

who we are


Tour coordinator and bilingual guide by day, entertainer and sake enthusiast by night. With over 20 years of experience in the tourism industry, trust A-1 to show you the best of Japan.

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With over 35 years of cycling experience in everything from competitive riding to cycle-touring, Hisa is a JCGA-licensed bike guide with a knack for filmwork and video editing. 


A self-confessed indoor training queen, Faith trains year-round for her triathlon pursuits and hopes to one day qualify for Kona. Faith understands both Japanese and English.

Ome Trail Run participant checking in


Though he prefers mountain bikes, Shigeo opts for paved roads on the job as our support car driver. No matter where you are in Japan, he’s your go-to guy for local snacks and drinks.


Yasuko is our professional tour planner and food concierge. A certified sake and wine sommelière, she has the answers to your questions about Japanese cuisine.

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