oita onsen hot springs ride

Savor the delicacies of the sea and mountains. Learn Japanese history and culture.

9 days / 8 nights

2023 Tours
Oct 25-Nov 2 (sold out)
Nov 8-16 (Available)

2024 Tours
& Fall (NTBA)

$3,600 (12 up)
$3,900 (10up)
$4,600 (8up)
$5,700 (6up)
$7,900 (4up)
 per person (land only)


max. capacity 12

 5-19°C (avg 16°C)
41-66°F (avg 60°F)

Nakatsu | Usa | Yabakei | Beppu | Kunisaki Peninsula  | Himeshima | Fukuoka

about the trip

Join us on a journey to discover the hidden charms of Kyushu, Japan’s westernmost prefecture! Offering unparalleled outdoor explorations and onsen hot spring experiences, Oita Prefecture in Kyushu is a historically and culturally unique gem! Dive into Oita’s fascinating culinary culture and revel in the fresh catches from the seas and harvests from nearby fields and mountains. The colorful panorama of Oita’s beautiful mountains and picturesque countryside is best viewed from a bicycle. 

Did you know Oita Prefecture has the largest number and volume of hot spring water sources in Japan? In Beppu, you’ll experience the charm and diversity of onsen, including the quality of the springs and the culture of hot spring cures.

The second half of the tour will be a cycling tour of the Kunisaki Peninsula. Highlights include a visit to the Rokugou-manzan, a series of temple complexes in the Kunisaki Peninsula founded about 1,300 years ago. This is a spiritual site where the culture of Shintoism and Buddhism has been handed down to the present day. We’ll also stay at a priest’s quarters next to Fukidera Temple, which is the oldest wooden structure in Kyushu, and also experience zazen (Buddhist meditation). Last but not least, we’ll visit Himejima, a small island with a population of 2,000, by ferry boat. Here, we’ll enjoy the serene outdoors, vibrant culture, and island cuisine in the only village in Oita Prefecture.

Upon concluding our cycling, we’ll take a charter bus to Fukuoka, the largest city in Kyushu. Miles apart both literally and figuratively from the countryside we’ve spent our time in, we’ll now take in a more urbanized side of Japan.

Throughout this cycling tour, you’ll experience a kaleidoscope of Japanese history and culture from ancient times to the present. We’ll venture into undisturbed scenes created by Mother Nature, pass through exquisitely red torii gates, and take relaxing baths in hot springs. Our itinerary is an unforgettable one, guaranteed to make the best of your time as we savor local cuisine and pathways that can only be found here.

Your coordinator A-1 (far right)

Bike Options

・1x bike included per person

Video Highlights

See the Oita Onsen Ride

food highlights

level and suitability

Level 2

This cycling tour is low to medium stress on your legs and stamina. The distance and elevation covered won’t raise red flags for the irregular cyclist but if you don’t exercise often, the rides might feel like a solid workout.

・Mostly gently uphill bike path with a few technical sections
・Some rolling hills and a couple punchy climbs – up to 800 meters (2,600 feet) of elevation gain per day
・Between 50 to 70km (30 to 43 miles) a day
・Ride at a conversational pace that permits sightseeing for four to give hours per day of cycling
・Prefer to ride every day but don’t mind taking a few days off throughout the tour

cycling conditions

This bike tour takes place along asphalt and tarmac roads in good condition. There is very little technical riding. Whenever possible, we will ride on paved roads and bike paths; we  do our best to avoid busy, congested main roads. 

Cyclists are encouraged to ride and complete the full distance from point-to-point. A support vehicle follows the entire journey. Our itineraries are an approximation of our trips and at times, routes may change at the guide’s discretion to improve the trip experience. 

total cycling distance

about 230km


about 57km


about 777m

This tour is an unforgettable combination of riding, eating and sight-seeing! Be prepared to climb some hills, but if you want to be made to feel incredibly special while experiencing a mix of beautiful scenery by day, recovering in onsens at night, eating fresh and delicious foods seemingly non-stop, meeting wonderful people all along the way and topping the trip off with a taste of a big city, then do not hesitate to sign up for this tour immediately!
Usa Jingu
Rakanji (3600 buddha statue)
Monkey Park
Kitsuki Castle
Fresh veggies from a local farm
Jigoku Onsen

trip highlights

Excellent bike tour of Kyushu. I would highly recommend this as local guides knew where to stop and where to eat and were extremely professional! Everday there were so many wonderful adventures and memories. The numerous, variations made it all so wonderful.
Enjoying a snack on the Shimanami Kaido

Beppu Onsen (hot springs) (credit: Beppu City) 

Our fun video of Oita Onsen Bike Ride2022


We’ll start our bike tour at the Toyoko Inn in Nakatsu, Oita Prefecture. We suggest that you arrive at least one day prior to the trip start to allow for greater flexibility and time-zone adjustments. 

Listed below are our recommendations to help you plan your arrival to Nakatsu:

* Shuttle bus from Kitakyushu or Oita Airport to the hotel in Nakatsu is included in the tour price

・ Tokyo Haneda Airport (HND) to Kita-Kyushu (KKJ): Japan Airlines (JAL), All Nippon Airways (ANA) (about 1 hour 40 minutes)
・ Osaka Airport (NRT) to Oita (OIT): All Nippon Airways (ANA) (about 55 minutes)
・ Fukuoka Airport (FUK) to Nakatsu station: Subway and train (about 2 hours)  

From Tokyo
Tokyo station to Kokura (Fukuoka) station: Nozomi shinkansen (about 4.5 hours)
Kokura station to Nakatsu station: “Sonic” local express train (about 30 minutes) 
From Osaka
・ Shin Osaka station to Nakatsu station: Nozomi shinkansen (about 3.5 hours)

Please contact Samurai Sports if you need assistance with pre-tour options and transportation.

Welcome to Oita!

Our expedition will begin in Nakatsu City, Oita Prefecture. On the first day, it is important to relax and get your bearings. First, we will check into a hotel in front of Nakatsu Station and get acquainted with each other. (No meal plan arranged but we can find an optional dinner at a local restaurant. We will introduce ourselves, eat some local food, and explain the week ahead. We will also answer any questions you may have and talk about our plans.

Although we don’t recommend it, depending on your flight schedule, you may arrive late at night. No worries; join us on the morning of the second day.

・Dinner (optional)
・Stay at Toyoko Inn Nakatsu Station (check-in available after 3:00 p.m.)

Next Day…
This morning we will take a city tour by bus to Usa City, which is not accessible by cycling. Usa Jingu Shrine, the top of the 4,000 Hachiman shrines in Japan, is a tremendous power spot. Here we will pray for the safety of the cycling tour and your individual wishes.

In the afternoon, we will return to Nakatsu City and explore the Nakatsu Castle area. After visiting the castle, we have an interesting secret option for you to enjoy!

For dinner, a welcome party for everyone will be held at A-1’s friend’s B&B with local friends.

・Dinner (welcome party)
・Stay at Toyoko Inn Nakatsu Ekimae

Now it’s time to start cycling!

In the morning you will find a sticker with your name on a well-maintained rental bike. The day will be a leisurely uphill 50km ride. 

The highlight of the day will be the Rakanji Temple. The temple is built embedded in a rocky hill with many caves in its rock walls. Bearing varied expressions, 500 of the oldest arhats in Japan are enshrined in the “murodo” cave.

After taking the ropeway up to see the temple, we will walk for about an hour on a trail said to have been used by monks for ascetic practices in the olden days. 

For lunch, we will stop at Midori’s house. This local farming couple has been farming here for many years and will teach us how to harvest their crops. Fill your bellies with freshly picked vegetables and rice balls!

After a short break, we will complete the second half of the ride in the afternoon. Spring in Japan is the season of beautiful fresh greenery. Autumn in Japan is a very beautiful season with the leaves turning fiery shades of orange, red, and yellow. November is a great time to enjoy the outdoors amongst peak autumn foliage – right before it gets really cold in late November. Afterwards, we’ll head to the Orito Onsen in Yabakei.

Tonight, we’ll stay at a small ryokan-style inn, the Tsuki no hotaru. Feel free to soak in the separate men’s and women’s hot spring baths as many times as you like to relieve your fatigue. The inn also runs a café during the daytime, and guests can enjoy their  homemade cooking using locally harvested vegetables and regional ingredients. 

・Dinner (at the hotel)
・Stay at Tsuki no hotaru ryokan

Our second day of cycling covers 60 km, the first half uphill and the second half downhill. We’ll ride from Yabakei in the mountains to Beppu, a city famous for its hot springs located on the east side of Oita Prefecture just over a mountain pass. 

The first highlight of the day is Ajimuin, a small farming village with a population of 6,000. It’s a small old town and we’ll move on to viewing trowel paintings created by plasterers during the Edo period. 

The second highlight of the day is a visit to the hot springs that have placed Beppu on the map. Oita Prefecture’s hot springs are not simply boiled water, but are diverse in terms of ingredients, benefits, smells, and colors, depending on the location. Don’t just take a sniff! Guests are welcome to take a dip in most of these hot springs. We will visit the A-1’s secret onsen during the ride.

Tonight’s accommodation is a modern hotel right in front of the sea. We encourage you to enjoy the hotel’s large baths with a view of the ocean, or to go to the traditional hot springs that have been around for centuries, just outside the hotel.

For dinner, enjoy Japanese dishes using the freshest ingredients from the sea and the mountains – don’t forget to pair it with delicious drinks at a popular local izakaya. Afterwards, you are welcome to join a night tour of A-1’s favorite haunts in Beppu. 

・Dinner (izakaya), night tour (optional)
Stay at western sryle hotel

We anticipate heavy traffic around Beppu city, so we’ll start the morning with a 15-minute  train ride to Kitsuki station. Upon our arrival, we’ll take some time to walk around the castle town surrounding Kinezuki Castle. Highlights include the former residences of samurai and buildings strategically placed around the castle. 

Next, we’ll get back on the saddle and starting from Kinezuki city, we’ll ride along the coast of the beautiful Kunisaki Peninsula with miles of spectacular sea views. We’ll swing by famous temple complexes collectively known as “Rokugou-manzan”. Founded about 1,300 years ago, this is a spiritual site believed to be central to forming the culture of Shintoism and Buddhism practiced today. 

We will stay at priest’s quarters next to Fukidera Temple, which is the oldest wooden structure in Kyushu. While the facilities may sound spartan, the accommodations are ryokan-style with guest rooms and onsen baths. 

・Dinner (farm to table Japanese cuisine)
・Stay at Fukinoto

Day 7 will be our last day of cycling! To reflect on the journey, we’ll experience Zen meditation in a 1,300 year old temple. 

After meditation, we’ll ride 40km downhill (with some loose climbs) towards Himeshima. En route, we’ll visit a Buddhist temple built in the river, then continue proceeding down the mountain to the coastline. Along the way, we’ll witness the “Mont Saint-Michel” of the Kunisaki Peninsula. On the road, you’ll see, hear, and feel a gradual transition leaving behind a traditional Japan steeped in heritage to that of a modern, contemporary nation. 

Finally, we’ll take a ferry to Himeshima, our last overnight stop in Oita Prefecture. The cycling ends here. A small island with only 2,000 inhabitants, we’ll take some time to relax at Himeshima, basking in the abundance of nature and history – plus, feasting on their famous tiger prawns! 

Tonight, we’ll stay at the oldest ryokan on Himeshima and enjoy a scrumptious dinner of shabu shabu with locally harvested tiger prawns.

 ・Dinner (at ryokan)
 ・Stay at Yachiyo-kan

Good morning, Fukuoka!

We’ll start the morning with a sightseeing tour aboard a seven-seater eco-friendly vehicle that emits zero CO2. Roll up your sleeves as we make a stop to learn from elderly locals how “imokiri” noodles are made. A local specialty dish that has been passed down from generation to generation on the islands, these noodles are unlike traditional Japanese noodles and created with minimal water and rice – ingredients scarce on this small island. Once the noodles are complete, we’ll cook them with vegetables and tofu for a handmade meal together. Itadakimasu!

In the afternoon, we’ll leave Himejima and take a ferry to the Imi Port Ferry Terminal on the Kyushu mainland. From here, we will board a chartered bus to Fukuoka, Kyushu’s largest city, which will take about 2.5 hours. Dinner is on your own – we suggest prowling the nearby yatai Japanese food stalls.

・Stay at Soralia Nishitetsu (Tenjin)

This day marks the end of what has been a long but short trip!

Please check out by 11:00AM. After checking out, you are free to pursue your own schedule. Some may prefer to stay an extra night in Fukuoka, or move on to Tokyo or Osaka.

Please contact Samurai Sports if you need assistance with post-tour options and transportation.

Our first priority is the safety and health of all guests. We  hope this will have been an experience you’ll remember for the rest of your lives. Have a safe trip back home!

Kita Kyushu Airport (KKJ)

Transit from Tokyo Haneda Airport

Fukuoka Airport (FUK)

Transit to Tokyo Haneda Airport 

Say Hello

Toyoko Inn Nakatsu Ekimae Nakatsu, Oita Prefecture

See “Before the Tour” for guidance

Say Goodbye

Soralia Nishitetsu Hotel
Tenjin, Fukuoka

See “After the Tour” for guidance

more information

For all cycling tours, accommodation is a mix of contemporary and traditional lodging. All of our trips are priced per person, double occupancy. If you wish to have your own room, you will be charged a single supplement fee.

Most of our hotel stays are western-style ‘business hotels’, which are clean, no-frills single- or double-occupancy accommodations with full bathrooms. The rooms have a bed, desk, television, and refrigerator; they are efficiently designed to maximize a Japan-sized space. WiFi and some amenities are usually included and many have on-site laundry facilities. Most hotels will also have a “daiyokujyou” or a large communal bath – these are typically not hot springs because the water comes from a faucet and is not naturally sourced with high mineral content.

No trip to Japan is complete without an overnight stay at a traditional ryokan (Japanese inns)! Staying at a ryokan is one of the best ways to soak in the experience of Japan’s “omotenashi” spirit, indulge in local dishes, and support family businesses. The ryokan aesthetic is simple yet purposeful, room designs will vary greatly but have everything you need. Depending on the ryokan, you may not have a private bathroom and will bathe in the communal hot spring. You’ll almost always sleep on a futon and you should never wear shoes when setting foot into a room. 

Please note that at times, the accommodation listed may change at the discretion of the trip guides and/or Samurai Sports to improve the trip experience.

Each trip with Taste of Japan combines a cycling journey with a culinary experience. From learning to navigate the ubiquitous Japanese chain restaurants to sampling regional cuisine and savoring seasonal harvests, we’re proud of the smorgasbord of flavors that make each bike tour so unique. 

From the dark blue ocean dotted with frothy waves to the windy coastlines making you wish for a tailwind, or the rice fields that stretch lazily for miles, Japanese cuisine showcases the bountiful harvests that can be had from the island’s natural landscapes. Whether you have a hankering for fresh seafood catches, feel like eating clean with locally sourced vegetables, or just want to chow on less artisan frou frou meals, we’ve got you covered. 

We also understand that everyone’s palates differ and that due to the nature of cycling tours, we also spend a lot of time together. If you’re feeling adventurous, have a specific meal you’re after, or just want something different, we regularly let you choose your meal option (usually dinner). Optional meals mean you can choose to eat with us – or not. At optional meals, guests are expected to pay for their own orders as a typical restaurant customer. These are not prix fixe meals, you are not bound to a limited menu, and we’re happy to make recommendations!

Dietary restrictions can be difficult to accommodate regularly or consistently in Japan, where knowledge and awareness in the food and beverage industry about specific dietary restrictions is less common. It is imperative that you let us know in advance if you have food allergies and/or have strict dietary restrictions. Food preferences will be catered to the best extent possible. 

Taste of Japan Bike Tours encourages group bookings of four or more. For smaller groups and/or personalized itineraries, please complete our booking request form.

Oita Onsen Ride 

12 guests 
$3,600 per person (double occupancy)

10 or more guests 
$3,900 per person (double occupancy)

8-9 guests 
$4,600 per person (double occupancy)

6-7 guests 
$5,700 per person (double occupancy)

4-5 guests 
$7,900 per person (double occupancy)

*This fee is for ground arrangements and does not include airfare.

Everyone is invited to our cycling tours and in fact, non-riders are also welcome. Just because you don’t ride, doesn’t mean you can’t join us! Please inquire in advance regarding member(s) of your party that won’t require a bike. 

Our cycling tours are not about high intensity nor endurance training. To maximize your cycling experience, you should at a minimum, know how to ride a bike and be comfortable on the saddle for at least two hours a day. 

For reference, all of our cycling tours are ranked on a scale of 1  to 3. These levels are meant to demonstrate the difficulty of a tour and serve to indicate the types of fitness and skill you should possess to enjoy the trip. 

Level 1
・Mostly flat roads and bike paths
・Shorter climbs and small hills – no more than 400 meters (1,300 feet) of elevation gain per day
・Between 30 to 60km (18 to 37 miles) a day
・Ride at a leisurely pace for two to three hours per day, allowing you to enjoy the views and take breaks when you want to
・Like to ride, but don’t need to ride every day

Level 2
・Mostly flat roads and bike paths with a few technical segments
・Some rolling hills and a couple punchy climbs – up to 600 meters (2,000 feet) of elevation gain per day
・Between 30 to 80km (18 to 51 miles) a day
・Ride at a conversational pace that permits sightseeing for four to give hours per day of cycling
・Prefer to ride every day but don’t mind taking a few days off throughout the tour

Level 3
・Flat roads, bike paths, technical segments, and some challenges
・Climbs big and small paired with speedy descents sprinkled throughout the days – up to 700 meters (2,300 feet) of elevation gain a day
・Between 40 to 100km (25 to 62 miles) a day
・Ride at a moderate pace requiring physical endurance for up to six hours a day
・Prefer to ride every day but with alternating difficulties, distances, and destinations for balance 

Support Vehicle (SAG van) 
Our cycling tours are always accompanied with a support vehicle. If for any reason, you aren’t feeling up to par for the day’s ride or just need to take an extended water break, you can jump in the temperature-controlled SAG van until we reach our destination – or until you’re ready again.

Uncertain about your ride level? Send us an email with your Strava link and/or a written summary of your rides in the past three months. 

View the bikes offered on Taste of Japan Bike Tours

To reserve your spot on any of our Taste of Japan Bike Tours, please complete our booking request form. We’ll respond to you within 1 to 2 business days to complete your reservation. 

Guests who make a reservation more than 60 days prior to the tour must pay a $1,000 deposit per person, due at the time of booking. The deposit will be applied to your total balance and your outstanding balance (final payment) must be paid in full at least 60 days prior to the tour. Tours starting in 60 days or less require the full balance of the trip price at the time of booking. 

More than 90 days to tour
$1,000 deposit per person due at the time of booking
Outstanding balance (final payment) must be paid in full 60 days prior to tour
Guests will receive a final payment reminder via email

More than 60 days to tour
$1,000 deposit per person due at the time of booking
Outstanding balance (final payment) must be paid in full 60 days prior to tour

Guests will receive a final payment reminder via email

Less than 60 days to tour
Full payment due at the time of booking

If final payment is not received 60 days prior to tour, you will incur a late fee of $200 per person.
If final payment is not received 30 days prior to tour, your reservation will be cancelled with no refunds or travel credit. 

Payment Methods
All prices are listed in USD. Your transaction will be indicated on your credit card statement as Taste of Japan – Samurai Sports. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and JCB credit cards via Square. Convenience store payments and personal check are not accepted. Wire transfer is acceptable – please discuss with a team member. 

All prices listed on Taste of Japan Bike Tours are in US dollars per guest. Our prices include taxes, service fees, gratuity, and online transaction fees. Fees incurred by wire transfers must be borne by the payer. 

Solo travelers and guests who wish to have their own room may be required to pay a single supplement fee, an amount which varies by bike tour. The exact cost can be found on each tour page. 

Guests who arrive late, depart early, or for any reason cannot join the entire duration of the bike tour will not receive price adjustments, credit, or refunds. 

Taste of  Japan Bike Tours offers discounted prices for early booking (more than 90 days prior to tour) and for groups of more than six riders on the same bike tour.

We know that life happens. If you have to cancel or reschedule your bike tour, please note that Taste of Japan Bike Tours implements the following fee schedules for group tour and private tours bookings. 

Group Tours Cancellation Fees
More than 60 days to tour
50% of deposit

31-60 days to tour
50% of tour price

0-30 Days to tour
100% of tour price 

Private Tours Cancellation Fees
More than 60 days to tour
100% of deposit

0-60 days to tour
100% of tour price 

All refunds processed will be less transaction fees (about 4% for online transactions and bank-dependent for wire transfers).

If the safety of our guests, team members, and partners appear compromised, Taste of Japan Bike Tours reserves the right to cancel any bike tour at our discretion. Taste of Japan Bike Tours is not responsible for any losses incurred for non-refundable travel costs. 

Guests who cancel more than 60 days prior to departure may request full travel credit instead of a partial refund. Travel credit requests must be made in writing at the same time guests announce their intention to cancel a tour. 

In the event of cancellation (whether by the guest or by Taste of Japan Bike Tours), all guests will receive full travel credit that can be applied to any bike tour that begins within 500 days from the last day of your cancelled bike tour. Travel credit can be transferred once to another individual. Travel credit can be applied to a tour one time; once applied, no refunds will be issued. 

Taste of Japan Bike Tours take into account the many hours spent by our team members and partners who painstakingly plan your bike tour. We believe the cancellation policy above is a fair representation of costs incurred well before our guests’ arrivals.

Is airfare included? Will someone meet me at the airport? Are airport transfers included?
No, neither airfare nor airport transfers are included. Guests are expected to navigate themselves from the airport to the meeting spot on their own. Taste of Japan Bike Tours will recommended routes to the meeting spot with detailed meeting instructions in communications leading up to the tour start date. 

Our bike tours convene at a centrally located meeting point to accommodate for our guests who often arrive in Japan from all around the world on separate flights. Meeting points vary by tour and are chosen based on accessibility, guest convenience, and travel logistics. 

What sort of bike will I ride? Can I bring my own bike? 
The price of all Taste of Japan Bike Tours includes the use of one rental bike per person. Guests may select between a road bike (with drop handles) or a hybrid bike (with flat bar handles). For images and details, please refer to “Bike Options” under our Resources page

What does “double occupancy” mean? What is a “single supplement” fee? 
Our prices are per person based on two people sharing a room. If you’re joining as a solo traveler, you will be charged a single supplement fee. Similarly, solo travelers who wish to have their own room will be charged a single supplement fee. The single supplement fee varies by bike tour. 

Solo travelers who do not mind sharing a room with another solo traveler of the same gender should inquire in advance. If there is another solo traveler willing to share a room, the single supplement fee is waived for both guests. 

Is there a maximum number of guests on a single Taste of Japan bike tour?
Yes, we cap our trips at 12 guests. This allows us to ensure each guest (cyclist or not) the personal attention and support they deserve throughout the journey. 

Can non-cyclists join Taste of Japan Bike Tours? What will non-riders do? 
Taste of Japan Bike Tours welcome those who do not or cannot ride. All of our tours are priced per person, double occupancy, whether you ride or not. Due to limited seating, guests should inquire in advance regarding space availability for non-riders.

During cycling portions, non-riders will travel from one destination to the next in the sag van. All Taste of Japan Bike Tours sag vans are properly licensed to carry passengers. With the exception of the cycling portions throughout a trip, all guests will participate in the same activities, visit the same sights, and feast on the same meals. 

Can children join? Is there an age requirement?
Group tours with Taste of Japan Bike Tours are designed for adults 18 and older. All guests must be 18 years old by the first day of all group tours. 

We welcome families and guests under the age of 18 on private tours. Private tours allow us to create and coordinate the best possible arrangements for a safe bike tour with our younger guests.

What about inclement weather? 
All Taste of Japan Bike Tours ride as scheduled, rain or shine. However, exceptions may be made in certain circumstances, i.e. due to heavy rains, strong winds, and severe weather. In order to remain on schedule, our bike tour guides will guide you to your destination(s) using public transport for no additional cost.

Is gratuity included? Who do I tip? 
Gratuity for drivers, tour guides, and hospitality staff is included. Note that in Japan, tipping of service staff (including taxi drivers, hotel staff, restaurant workers) is not customary and may not be accepted. If you believe the Taste of Japan Bike Tours team has gone above and beyond, please tip our guides at your discretion. For information about weather in Japan, please refer to our Resources page.

Should I enroll in trip protection and/or travel insurance? 
Yes. Please refer to “Personal Insurance Coverage” under our Resources page.

Do I have to read and sign a release waiver?
Yes, to participate in Taste of Japan Bike Tours, all participants whether cycling or not are required to read and sign a release waiver.

Will I have to carry my own luggage on tour? 
It depends. On ride days, all luggage will be transported by our team. On days without cycling, guests may pack their luggage onto the support van. While we do our best to accommodate all guests’ luggage, depending on the amount of luggage, guests may need to hand carry their own luggage. Our team members will assist guests whenever possible to ensure a smooth, stress-free trip. 

How much should I put aside for incidentals? What personal expenses should I anticipate? Do I need cash or is my credit/debit card ok? 
Please refer to “Incidentals and Daily Expenses” under our Resources page.

What will the weather in Japan be like? What temperatures should I expect? 
Please refer to “Weather in Japan” under our Resources page.

What should I wear? What should I bring? 
Please refer to “Packing List” under our Resources page.

Will I be able to do laundry?
Please refer to “Packing List” under our Resources page.

What about accident insurance and medical coverage? What if I get hurt? 
Please refer to “Insurance” under  our Resources page.