Events No Longer Supported by Samurai Sports
and Discontinued Events

Kakogawa Sock 5

Located in Hyogo Prefecture, the Kakogawa Socks 5 race is one of the most unique and memorable events you'll come across!

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Sapporo Teine Trail Race

Located just a 40-minute drive from the Sapporo city center, the Sapporo Teine Trail Race course starts at the Teine Olympia Ski Center and takes runners up, down, and all-around Mt. Teine.

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Mt. Taisetsu Trail Journey

Race up in the clouds at the Mt. Taisetsu Trail Journey and enjoy unhindered views of Hokkaido's rolling hills in Japan's biggest national park.

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Tokachidake Trail Race

Located in Daisetsuzan National Park, don't miss this unique opportunity to race the trails around an active volcano in the heart of Hokkaido!

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Yama Run

Located in Nagano, the Yama Run is an endurance relay race for solo competitors and teams around a 4KM course.

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Tour de Utsukushigahara

Considered one of Japan’s biggest hill climb races, the Tour de Utsukushigahara covers almost 22KM and boasts an average incline of 5.9%.

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