Station Ride x B.B.BASE

The Ultimate Cycling Experience in Chiba, Japan

October 26, 2019

Coast the Coast at the Station Ride

Hop on a bike and explore the coastal region of the Boso Peninsula in Chiba Prefecture! 

Enjoy picture-perfect views of Tateyama’s golden sands and the deep blue waves of the Pacific Ocean! 

Pedal at your own pace with plenty of aid stations to fuel your ride.

The Station Ride is a fully supported cycling tours that takes you through the Boso Peninsula in Chiba Prefecture! Ride along the coast to explore the natural beauty of Japan with friends and family – or solo!

Whether you’re a city commuter cyclist or a weekend warrior, the Station Ride welcomes everyone to hop on a bike. Supported by numerous aid stations packed with a wide range of locally-produced foods, don’t miss this ride of a lifetime in Japan!

Distances: 130KM (81mi), 100KM (62mi), 80KM (50mi)
Registration begins June 28, 2019

fully supported cycling day trip

just 2 hours from Tokyo

rental bikes starting from $30/day

For more information, visit the Station Ride website (in Japanese).

Easy Access with the B.B.BASE Train

Not sure how to get to the Station Ride?

Jump on the Boso Bicycle Base train in the heart of Tokyo and hitch a ride to Tateyama station! All you have to do is board one train at Ryogoku station to get to the start line (and back to Tokyo). It’s easy!

Even better, the B.B.BASE train allows bicycles to board as is – you just walk on with your bike. No need to fold or disassemble the bike into a rinko bag, getting your fingers greasy or fussing with the quicks! 

Registration for the B.B.BASE between Tokyo (Ryogoku station) and the Station Ride (Tateyama station) begins early August. Due to time constraints, only 100KM and 80KM participants are eligible to take the B.B.BASE train to the Station Ride.

Designed by Japan Railway, the Boso Bicycle Base (B.B.BASE) is a unique public transport experience that makes traveling with a bike hassle-free.

It's more than a cycling adventure!  Ride the Boso Bicycle Base to the Station Ride and make it a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Stress-free travel on a one-of-a-kind train

Modified specifically for bicycles and cyclists, the B.B.BASE is designed to allow bicycles to be racked alongside seating for cyclists. There’s even a multi-purpose space meant for small gatherings or event briefings! 

Playing on the concept of a base for bicycles, both the exterior and interior of the train displays original illustrations, designs, and a logo that are uniquely cycle-centric.

For more information, visit the East Japan Railway Company B.B.BASE website (in Japanese).
Learn about the B.B.BASE (in English)

Post-Ride Eats

By the time you return to Tokyo on the B.B.BASE, your stomach will be growling! Once a train yard, Edo NOREN is the newest (delicious!) addition to Ryogoku station offering a dozen unique Japanese-style food stalls.

Taste Japan at Edo NOREN! Whether you’re craving traditional Edo-style sushi, the authentic chanko-nabe stew eaten by sumo wrestlers, or soba (buckwheat noodles) and tempura, there’s something for everyone.

Don’t forget, you can also find unique trinkets at the gift shops, Instagram the full-size sumo ring, and check out Edo-related events held regularly at Edo NOREN.

Located adjacent to Ryogoku station, bicycles are not only welcome, cyclists have their own pathway from the moment you alight the B.B.BASE to the entrance of Edo NOREN. To learn more about Edo NOREN, click here.

Convenient Rental Bikes

Interested in participating at the Station Ride but don’t have a bike? The B.B.BASE BICYCLE STATION provides a wide range of bicycles for rent. Road bikes utilize industry-standard Shimano 105 components. Staff will make necessary adjustments so that you can ride in comfort.

Before embarking on your cycling day trip, lighten your load! Cyclists may drop off and collect personal belongings at the B.B.BASE BICYCLE STATION. Friendly Japanese staff will ensure you have everything you need and nothing to weigh you down!

Simple maintenance services are also provided and the surrounding area is perfect for those needing to assemble, disassemble, or make adjustments to their personal bicycles.