2019 Tokyo Trail Run Race Series: The Race Pass

Following a year of venturing into the trail run world, Samurai Sports and race organizers KFC Triathlon have partnered together again in 2019.

But we’re changing it up!

First, we’ve put together all six trail runs under one umbrella title. The Tokyo Trail Run Race Series is a bit of a mouthful but it’s simple and easy to understand. You can learn more about each race here

Second, we’ve increased your options so that you can register for the Series using a race pass system. Purchase one of the four race passes available and save money! 

So whether you’re ‘just’ an enthusiast or a hardcore trail running junkie, the Tokyo Trail Run Race Series offers up to six mid- to long-distance races to supplement your calendar! Best of all, they’re all located within 90 minutes of central Tokyo (with the exception of Akagi and Tamagawa).

Before committing, make sure to read through “the finer details” section below to ensure you’re 100% clear on the terms of the race pass.

Finally, for the ambitious (or extrinsically motivated), we’re planning a commemorative piece for those who compete in all six races. Give it a shot – jump on-board with us!

the races

Ome (April 7)
learn more

Nariki Forest (May 12)
learn more

Akagi Forest (Aug 19*)
learn more

Tamagawa (Sep 14*)
learn more

Mt Mitake (Dec 8*)
learn more

Hachimine (Dec 22*)
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*tentative dates

Six Pack Max


save ¥3,000

Six Pack


save ¥2,500


Pick 2, plus Hachimine


save at least ¥1,500

Three-peat Light

Pick 3


save at least ¥1,000

steps to race the series

the finer details

If you aren’t fluent in Japanese (speak/read/write), it can be daunting to register for and participate in a sports event or race. A lot can happen before, during, and after a race – if you don’t understand what’s going on, you might find the whole experience very stressful. Samurai Sports offers race support and relevant services in English, including: 
  • event registration in English
  • athlete guide in English
  • important event communications in English, e.g. in case of inclement weather, course alterations, event delays, etc. 
  • email and Facebook support in English
  • links to photos and results *when applicable
  • race day event briefing and general support in English *when applicable

The last day to register for the Six-Pack and Six-Pack Max is February 10, 2019.

The last day to register for the Three-peat and Three-peat Light is June 1, 2019. 

After signing up for a race pass, you will receive a personal code for use to register for the races your pass qualifies you for. We’ll start spitting out personal codes within 1 to 2 business days. 

When you are ready to register for a race, simply input your information as you normally would. Before you proceed to payment, type in your personal code in the “Discount Code” box. Your total will amount to ¥0.

Click “Proceed to Payment” and confirm your registration. You’ll immediately receive a confirmation email. If you can’t find it, check your junk folder. If you still can’t find it, email us (info@samuraisports.co.jp).

IMPORTANT: If you accidentally pay for the race by credit card (thereby forgetting to utilize your race bundle), Samurai Sports will NOT process refunds for the individual race entry nor will we entertain partial refunds for your race pass. 

Each personal code can only be used once per race that your race pass qualifies you for. That means you’ll use your code three or six times, depending on the pass you purchase.

You may not split the race pass or use your personal code to register different individuals to run separate races. If we notice that you have opted to ignore the rules (also see, “Can I split the race pass among two or more individuals?”), neither you nor the registered individual will be running. We will also void the remainder of your pass.

Chances are high we will notice discrepancies. This is one of those cases where sharing is not caring. 

No, each personal code is assigned to a specific individual (you, the buyer of the race pass). You may not use the personal code to register someone else. 

Samurai Sports will not honor registrations in which the registrant’s name and the name belonging to the personal code conflict. Discrepancies will void the remainder of your race pass. Neither you nor the registered individual will be running. 

You must manually register for each race your pass qualifies you for by the registration deadline for each race. 

Requests for race registration past the deadline will not be honored. No exceptions.

You can still register for the Six Pack or Six Pack Max. However, you will not receive a refund for Ome nor will we refund a portion of your race pass.

If you’ve already registered for Ome but are keen to do all six races, we recommend you register for two more races separately and purchase the Three-Peat or Three-Peat Light to cover the three remaining races. 

Generally speaking, races in Japan tend to be minimalists in terms of participant and finisher entitlements, especially regarding personalized items to bring home.

The KFC Triathlon Club race organizers are no exception. Participants will receive a small gift, such as gloves or a towel. Some (but not all) races offer a race t-shirt.

Upon completing the race, you are entitled to collect a finisher’s certificate printed on the spot and sometimes, a bowl of food, i.e. a Japanese dessert or hot, savory soup. 

Overall and age-group winners will receive a fancy Japanese-style certificate with their name, time, and rank. Depending on the race, you may receive a small medal. You may not “double-dip” and receive both an overall and age-group winner’s certificate.

Most races award the overall top 6 (men/women), and age-group top 3 (usually categorized as men/women below 39, 40-49, and 50+). Age groups and awards may change among each individual race. 

(This question only applies to Three-peat or Three-peat Light race pass purchases)

Yes, you may rescind and swap a race registration, provided the following two conditions are fulfilled:

1. There is at least one other race remaining in the 2019 Tokyo Trail Run Race series (it cannot be Hachimine) 

2. You inform Samurai Sports via email of your intent to rescind  registration on or before that specific race’s registration deadline

You do not need to specify the race you will swap registration for. You remain responsible for registering for all races you intend to run using your race pass.

Yes, we’re working on a personalized commemorative piece for participants who finish all six races of the Tokyo Trail Run Race Series.

To be clear, you don’t have to be competitive or a podium-hunter to participate in the Series.

But if you regularly podium, you might be in the running to be Series Champion. In the big picture, you simply need to earn as many points as possible. Finish first and receive 10 points, second gains 9 points, so on and so fourth until you get just one point for tenth place. 

Throughout the year, points will be compiled by KFC Triathlon, who will finally crown a male and female Series Champion at the final race of the Series (Hachimine).

Series Champions will receive a commemorative award and free entry to all Series races the following year. 2017 Series Champions also won free entry to the Rota Coffee Marathon in the Northern Marianas. 

It is not mandatory to run every single race. Your chances of accumulating points however, obviously increases by doing all six races (rather than sitting out one or more).

No, Samurai Sports will not be processing full or partial refunds for purchased race passes. This applies for all circumstances, including injuries, sickness, transportation problems, inclement weather, etc. 

It isn’t that we are jerks, it’s that most of what you pay goes to the race organizer and we play by their refund rules.

Samurai Sports may make rare exceptions for active duty, DOD civilian, or military family. Politics aside, we are considerate of Japan’s largest expatriate population and we understand that Uncle Sam throws curveballs. 

Email us (info@samuraisports.co.jp) to discuss a fair and logical agreement. 

email inquiries to info@samuraisports.co.jp