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eco marathon series

Yodogawa (Osaka) | January 9, 2022
Tondabayashi (Osaka) | January 10, 2022

A series of community-based road races around Japan with an emphasis on sustainability and charity. Marathon to 10K from Kansai to Kanto!

Hachimine Trail Race

Hachimine Mountaiin Trail Race | December 19, 2021

With over 30KM and 1,200 meters of elevation gain, this is not for the faint of heart!

Its namesake celebrates the eight (hachi) different mountains you’ll traverse – the course will take you on trails across Shidoyama, Daigomaru, Mount Jinba, Doshoyama, Kagenobuyama, Kobotokeshiroyama, Mount Obora, and Mount Kusato.


Suspono Spin: Mt. Fuji Bicycle Journey

November 13-14, 2021

Experience the Fuji Susono Victory Road – and ride along a segment of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Cycling Road course! Located at the foot of Mt. Fuji, enjoy the lush outdoors and natural beauty of Susono.

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Triathletes at swim start

Kujukuri Triathlon | October 31, 2021

Kujukuri Triathlon or the 99T for short, is one of Japan’s largest triathlons and known to be the “perfect triathlon for beginners” (and those seeking PBs!). With a protected estuary swim and a straight shot on the toll roads used for both the bike and run route, its a flat and fast course! 

2021 Akagi Trail Race feature image

Akagi Forest Trail Race | August 22, 2021

More cross country running than hardcore trail running, runners will enjoy spectacular views of the vast Akagi forest throughout the course. Runners can opt to complete one loop on the course to clock in roughly 13KM, or to run the same course in reverse for a total of about 26KM.

Out here, the summer heat is less brutal – enjoy the refreshing and cool breezes as you race your way to finish the Akagi Forest Trail Race!

2019 tenku 8

Altra Shinshu Tenku Trail Race | October 24, 2021

Come out and play outdoors, run the trails, and relax in the crisp autumn climate of Nagano!

Combining both trail and road, this race is perfect for those seeking the best of both worlds. Run along the Hijiriyama Trail while enjoying superb views of the mountains, vineyards, and fall foliage!

Runners at the Ise Half Marathon


Road and trail races from Hokkaido to Hiroshima. Distances include 5KM, 10KM, half marathon to full marathon and ultra.

Cyclists riding through Miyazaki


Cycling races and tours from Osaka to Nagano. Find the course for you with distances of 25KM to 150KM.

swimming course of triathlon

Triathlon & Swimming

Open water swims, sprint triathlons, Olympic Distance, and 70.3  - -dive into the world of multi-sport in Japan