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Ise Half Marathon & 5K

December 4

A  unique 21.1km that takes you around the sacred Ise Jingu Naiku (Inner Shrine) and old landscapes from the Edo Period. Mie Prefecture is a hidden gem located less than three hours from Tokyo and home to one of Japan’s most revered Shinto shrines (Ise Jingu). It’s the perfect weekend getaway!

Mitake Trail Race

December 11

Out in the wild west of Tokyo, the Mt. Mitake Trail Run shows you the more nuanced, natural shades of the city that you just can’t get downtown.

The KFC Triathlon Club brings the 23rd edition of the Mt. Mitake Trail Race for a brisk 13km run in west Tokyo. Run, quick, see before the trails become impassable during the winter!

Ome Takamizusan International Trail Race

April 2

Take a break from the busy tourist destinations and visit the city of Ome, conveniently located just an hour away from the heart of Tokyo on the Chuo Line.

A well-known stomping grounds for the city dweller seeking nature’s reprieve, west Tokyo is a great place for a day trip – and a trail race!

Runners at the Ise Half Marathon


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