Experience High Altitude Training in Tokyo

April 25 (Sunday)
1200 – 1600

(incl. tax, service charges)

max. 10 pax
min. 4 pax

Toyosu, Tokyo

Ever wondered what it’s like to workout at altitude? The ASICS Sports Complex TOKYO BAY offers the unique experience of training at high altitude – in the heart of Tokyo.

There’s no need to travel far and high to simulate the atmospheric pressure drop and decrease in the amount of oxygen available. During the ELEVATE experience, you’ll feel how altitude can affect one’s performance and gain a better understanding of why elite athletes and teams often opt to train in high altitude locations like Colorado Springs, Flagstaff, and Salt Lake City.

But altitude training is not just for elite athletes! With training areas at the ASICS Sports Complex TOKYO BAY simulating 2,000 meters (6,562 feet) or 3,000 meters (9,843 feet), you’ll get a taste of an estimated 20% to 27% less oxygen entering the body with each breath. Amidst a changed environment, experience how altitude affects performance and muscle fatigue sets in quicker – regardless of fitness level!

ELEVATE is a half-day trial at a specialty training facility originally designed for visiting athletes for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Unlike the standard trial, ELEVATE is extended from three hours to four hours; in addition, the facilities tour and altitude training brief will be held in English. ELEVATE is meant to be an informational opportunity and training experience for amateur athletes.

elevate trial

standard trial


1145…meet at ASICS Sports Complex TOKYO BAY lobby
1200-1230…introductions; change as necessary
1230-1315…SpO2 checks; facility tour
1315-1415…Group A at training room; Group B at 50m pool
1415-1515…Group A at 50m pool, Group B at training room
1545-1600…closing comments; adjourn



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why high altitude training?

Research shows that when we train at high altitude under conditions with low oxygen concentration, human performance can improve by way of adaptation to reduced oxygen. Compared to training under normal oxygen concentration levels, training at altitude can effectively improve cardiorespiratory function and efficiently develop the stamina and endurance key to athlete performance.

The advantage of altitude training is that the muscles get a natural boost when more oxygen is available during lower-altitude competitions. The disadvantage is that athletes simply can’t train as hard at high altitude.

not your average gym

In recent years, specialized facilities like the ASC have successfully reproduce the low-oxygen conditions specific to high-altitude training. Effectively speaking, the ASC is an altitude chamber at sea level.

In the past, such facilities have been limited to top athletes but as health-conscious trends grow, high altitude training has gained attention and traction among the general population. 

Closest Stations: Shijomae station or Shin-Toyosu station (Yurikamome Monorail; 3-min walk), Toyosu station (Yurakucho Line; 15-min walk)