farm to table

Seasonal Harvests in the Miura Peninsula

a collaboration with farm canning

May 9 (Sunday)

adults ¥7,000
age 2 to 5 ¥2,500
age 6 to 12 ¥3,500
(incl. transaction fees, service charges)

min. 15 pax
max. 20 pax

Paradise Field
Miura Peninsula
Kanagawa Pref.

the plan

Throughout the day, we’ll take time to explore a local farm and an adjacent bamboo grove. After helping with the harvest of the day, you’ll head back to the outdoor kitchen for hands-on processing of the day’s delights. 
Depending on the size of the group, you’ll prepare lunch using the fresh spring harvests and/or learn to cook rice in bamboo tubes over charcoal. For lunch, Farm Canning will also provide an additional two to three dishes highlighting local produce. 
After lunch, you’ll make a “spring-inspired sauce” using the vegetables harvested earlier in the morning. Once completed, the sauces will be stored in glass jars so you can bring home a taste of Miura.

Where does your fresh produce come from?

How can you prepare locally harvested ingredients?

Embark on a farm to table experience in the Miura Peninsula and learn about sustainable agricultural practices in Japan! As we create our menu from freshly acquired ingredients, you’ll indulge in quality dishes and find the flavors that work for you.
Seasonal Harvests in the Miura Peninsula is a family-friendly learning experience as much as it is an eating experience that supports the economy while inspiring a mindful meal.

Farm to Table will be conducted in English and is on a trial-basis – it’s likely that we’ll encounter some ad-hoc moments and not everything will be clockwork.


about farm canning

homegrown, women-owned local goodness

As a homegrown, women-owned business, Farm Canning is all about promoting a sustainable food lifestyle for positive social impact. Local foodies may be familiar with their wide variety of seasonal food products (often in distinct glass jars) made with fresh ingredients direct from local farmers.

In addition, Farm Canning offers educational workshops and Instagram-worthy catering focused on organic ingredients, healthy food for all tastes, and minimizing food waste. In the past, they have also hosted learning gardens and farming experiences in Shonan Kokusai Mura (Shonan International Village).

Visit their Facebook | Go to the Farm Canning website


1000…check in; introductions
1020…tour farm and bamboo grove with Ito-san; begin harvesting vegetables and preparing bamboo
1130…prepare lunch 
1400…create your own “spring-inspired sauce”

miura peninsula

Many of us are familiar with the Miura Peninsula. But did you know the area provides the nation with a rich bounty of fresh ocean catches and seasonal harvests ranging from watermelon, daikon radish, and strawberries, to maguro tuna and shirasu fish? 
Surrounded by mountains and the seas, southern Kanagawa Prefecture’s Miura Peninsula is a popular day-trip destination for those in Tokyo. Many of us have looked skyward towards the big Buddha at Kamakura or into the distance for the picturesque lighthouse at Jogashima. Some of us splash about and swim in Hayama, or ride our bikes around Shonan. Others of us work in Yokosuka and live in Zushi.