Challenges You’ll Inevitably Encounter:

Events in Japan

motivational writing on wall

The last time I registered for a race in Japan, I had to ask my mom for help.

  • Only vaguely understanding event information. Athlete guides and race-day information shouldn't be a mixture of knowing the basics, saying “I think I get it”, or hoping something isn’t important.

    By registering for events with Samurai Sports, important communications from the event organizers will be translated and relayed to you in English allowing you to prepare for your event with minimal stress. Those registering with foreign addresses (including FPO/APO) will pick up their race packets on the day of the event or the day before the event. If you have questions, you can always email us and we're happy to help. Depending on the event, Samurai Sports staff will be on-site to answer all of those burning questions you might have beforehand.

  • The registration is in Japanese and demands you be able to write in various kinds of hieroglyphics (such as full kanji, half kanji, katakana, hiragana, and romaji). Not only that, the registration is complex. For instance, you have to already be a JTU member or you can only pay by carrier pigeon.

    Samurai Sports simplifies the registration process for you! Our registration forms are in English and you complete everything in English. You are still entitled to the the same event experience as everyone else around you but without the headache of worrying about external bells and whistles, like event insurance or JTU membership.

  • An awful lot of rules and restrictions that get lost in the details. Do I need to measure distance with a bike computer? What about wetsuits, time limits, and aerobars, etc.

    Avoid nasty surprises and unexpected incidents. Event guides written in Japanese are painful to read and it can be easy to misunderstand. If you don't speak, read, or write Japanese, you may completely miss the range of rules and regulations implemented for each race. ­Samurai Sports translates everything ahead of time so that you know if an event is wetsuit mandatory, what the time limits are, and whether you should pack special items.

  • Figuring out how to get there and/or where to stay, especially with a bike.

    So you’re registered, now what? Just getting to an event can be tricky, if not downright aggravating, especially for those going to a rural area, traveling with a bike, have limited understanding of Japanese, or a combination. Samurai Sports works with each event organizer to figure out the easiest and most efficient ways to get you (and your stuff) to the race site and back. If you need specific or individualized information, you just send us an email and we'll get you sorted out!

  • Need to make a change? Have a question?

    Make a mistake inputting your phone number? Want to upgrade or downgrade from one category to another? Need to know how many ITRA points you'll get? Booking with Samurai Sports means that an English-speaker can answer your questions or help you resolve issues big and small.

  • Wanting to do “other stuff” but also being too lazy or not having enough time to figure out all of that.

    We get it. Time is precious and sometimes you just don’t have the energy to figure out the finer details of a trip, especially if you’re not all that familiar with Japan. From transportation to accommodation and nearby activities or seasonal foods, Samurai Sports can make recommendations for each event. That means you spend less time wading through the Internet to figure out what’s popular or makes sense for you. And if you’re at an utter loss, we’re easy to get in touch with!