Gyms in Tokyo: Club 360

Recently celebrating its fifth anniversary, Club 360 is a health and fitness center geared for the English-speaking, fitness-minded community in Tokyo.

For the urbanites who work and/or live in downtown central Tokyo, Club 360 is conveniently located in the Moto Azabu neighborhood.

Occupying the basement floor of a building opposite the Grand Hyatt, Club 360 is primarily focused on personal training and group classes.

Less cardio bunny haven and more Crossfit box meets training zone, Club 360 is not like your average chain gym.

Staff are from all corners of the world and predominantly English-speaking, making each visit to Club 360 pleasant and most importantly, stress free.

Gym instructor coaching client
Staff carefully attend to potential problems
Group fitness class at gym
Cooling down with stretches after Fit 360
To learn more about membership and the facility,

visit the Club 360 website

Limited paid parking available 

3 minutes from Roppongi Hills
7 minutes from Roppongi Station exit 3 (just past the Grand Hyatt Hotel)

Monday to Saturday: 0630 – 2130
Sunday: 0700 – 1800

Right as you step into the training area, you’ll find a treadmill, bike, and two ergs (rowing machines).

In one corner is a well-lit free weights corner with squat racks, along with a variety of kettlebells and medicine balls.

Another corner features a resistance training area with TRX bands. Stored neatly in the same area is equipment for boxing and kickboxing classes, foam rollers, Bosu balls, and battle ropes.

One of their biggest draws are their organized group sessions, all of which are conducted in English by certified instructors.

Unless its your first time, classes do not require prior booking. After your first class, you can sign up for a class pack or pay for individual classes on the go and show up when you’re ready for a workout! 

Professional English-speaking physiotherapists also make Club 360 a valuable place to know when you’re seeking comprehensive treatment for a nagging ailment or post-op rehabilitation

Group Classes

Group classes are an integral part of Club 360. Classes range in size and whether its boxing, bootcamp, or something you’ve never tried, every class is taught by trained instructors with years of experience.

In fact, it wasn’t until we spoke with one of Club 360’s barre instructors, Sandhya, that we decided we should learn more about these popular group classes.

We were so excited to check out Club 360 that we physically turned up to the gym and after a tour of the facilities, immediately booked a spot for a Fit 360 class the following week!

What is Fit 360?

“Fit 360 is our flagship class, it is a high-energy, dynamic, indoor boot camp that encompasses a wide variety of training methods and is constantly changing. Club 360 invites you to challenge yourself using equipment such as kettlebells, TRX, medicine balls, ropes and more…we squeeze a wide range of exercises in to suit everyone’s tastes. Fit 360 classes are based on functional movement principles, with quality of movement being paramount. All fitness levels welcome.”

Gym in Tokyo
Fit 360 Saturday session using the ladder
Female at gym exercising
Scott utilizing the whiteboard of death
TRX in Tokyo
Fit 360 also incorporates TRX

Let's Do This

Upon arriving at Club 360, I placed my shoes in the cubbies by the door and headed towards the reception. After checking in,  I changed into gym wear and passed time before class watching a personal training session from the lounge area. 

Our instructor, Scott started class on time with a series of light stretches with a foam roller. As we limbered up, our class listened to brief description of the class’s planned exercises before moving right into a cardio-based warm-up on our pick of the erg, treadmill, or bike. With less than a minute to catch our breath, we gathered on the matted area to complete a circuit using kettle bells and an exercise band.

Kettlebell training in Tokyo
Squats with kettle bells

So Far, So Good!

I’m no medical professional, but I don’t need my Garmin or heart rate monitor to tell me that my blood was pumping and my heart was beating progressively faster. Nonetheless, Scott kicked it up a notch, introducing a high-intensity circuit alternating sprints with a variety of body-weight exercises, including squats and planks.  

With each exercise, Scott not only demonstrated correct posture but also precisely described the muscles that should be activated. He took care to walk around and engage us in fixing problematic movements, as well as answer questions we had (actually, that was just me asking). 

Bring It In

Our second to last sequence involved rotations in a group of three – each of us were either on the battle ropes or doing squats for half-minute intervals with 10 seconds of rest in between. Let me tell ya, those 30 seconds feel like eternity on the ropes! 

Lastly, we incorporated the sled for 10 meter sprints on an artificial turf mat. In our three-person team, we helped one another to complete ten sprints each under ten minutes! We may not have broken any records but there’s something motivating about working together to reach a goal.

Battle ropes in Tokyo
30 seconds can feel like a lifetime!
Sled at gym in Tokyo
Pushing that sled!

Why We Love It

At Club 360, you don’t have to be competitive to feel motivated. Yet, there’s no denying the extra adrenaline and push you get in a group setting. With knowledgeable instructors like Scott engaging everyone with professional guidance, the Fit 360 class is a great way to improve your fitness level!

Since I primarily train alone and focus on the three sports of triathlon, gym sessions and group classes are a real treat for me. For those struggling to commit to an exercise routine and seeking a structured program, Club 360 offers myriad courses to keep you coming back for more. Similarly, if you enjoy a community-based approach to fitness, you will surely find your inspiration (and some new friends!) at Club 360.

Classes Offered (as of April 2018)

Fit 360
Outdoor Bootcamp
Core & Cardio
Core, Butts, & Thighs (CBT)
various kids classes

Cost (as of April 2018)

1 class: ¥4,000
10 classes: ¥33,000
Unlimited classes: ¥33,000 (per month)
Physiotherapy: ¥7,500 to ¥14,000
1-on-1 Personal Training: ¥9,900 to ¥10,800
Detailed price list

Stretching with foam roller in Tokyo Club 360
Limbering up with foam rollers

Why Club 360?

Hard to beat the 3-minute walk from Roppongi Hills

No enrollment or membership fees

Gym Hours
Open 7 days a week

Easy Communication
Everyone speaks English

Class Variation
Something for everyone at all fitness levels

Community-based Approach
Everyone is friendly – it doesn’t take long to start recognizing faces

Good to Know

Refrain from wearing outdoor shoes (barefoot or socks are okay)

Some bootcamp classes are also conducted outdoors 

2 showers (with shampoo and soap) in each locker room

Individual lockers with key locks in each locker room

No use of facilities for personal workouts (PT and classes only)

Towels available for rent

Lounge area with wifi

3 private treatment rooms

Trial Classes

Let the front desk know you read about Club 360 on Samurai Sports to receive a free class pass!
Available for first-timers only.