JTU (Annual) Membership:

10 Easy Steps


The JTU annual membership is akin to annual memberships for official triathlon unions and federations around the world, such as USAT or British Triathlon.

Membership includes: insurance benefits, the ability to participate in all JTU-sanctioned events, and unlimited one-day licenses for races occurring within the membership period.

All members are included in the JTU national ranking system, eligible to qualify for the Japan age-group team, and have the chance to compete at qualifier races and/or ITU World Championship events.

You should sign up for JTU membership if you have an address in Japan and think you’ll be racing at least three times during a JTU membership cycle.

Without an annual membership, there is a chance you may be unable to register at all for many races. Keep in mind that the majority of JTU-sanctioned races do not offer one-day membership.

No, but the vast majority of triathlons do. There is no rhyme or reason for which triathlons do or don’t require JTU membership.

Some triathlons offer ¥1,000 one-day JTU memberships. Whether a race offers one-day passes is solely dependent on the race organizer.

From our knowledge and as of November 2018, the following races offer one-day passes or do not require JTU membership: 

  • Okinawa International Triathlon
  • Kujukuri 99T Triathlon

The cost of JTU annual membership depends on the local federation that you register with. You should register for JTU annual membership with the local federation of the prefecture you reside in (not where you are employed or where your grandparents live).

No, you can’t register to be a JTU member if you don’t have an address in Japan because you have no local federation to represent you. 

JTU membership starts on April 1 and ends on March 31 each year. Typically, you can begin applying for or renewing your JTU membership starting in November of the previous year. 

For instance, you can renew your membership for 2020 starting around November 2019. Your 2019 membership is valid until March 31, 2020 and your new membership commences validity on April 1, 2020. 

No, your 10-digit ID number won’t change but your 2-digit check code will change every year.

Honestly, don’t worry about changing during the membership year. However, once it comes time to renew your membership, you will need to register as a new member in your ‘new’ prefecture.  If you’re concerned, contact the JTU at jtuoffice01@jtu.or.jp

You can find the original JTU member registration guide here.

It’s pretty janky so you should just listen to us…

Step 1 & 2

Pro-Tip: Type link exactly as written (http://www.)

Pro-Tip: Ctrl+F "Your Prefecture"

Step 3

Step 4

Make sure you're selecting the correct registration option - new or renew!

Some local federations (LF) require selection of a specific city or locale (in Japanese)

JTU membership registration page
  • You absolutely need the previous year’s membership number and check code to renew – check your email inbox or sign into your JTU “My Page”
  • If you forget the phone number you registered with, sign into your JTU “My Page” (refer to “Don’t Forget” below)
  • To renew membership, you’ll then proceed through the same steps as a new member but all of the fields will already be completed based on the previous year’s data
  • Double check your information remains accurate, then pay to complete the process
  • If you’ve moved prefectures at some point during the previous year’s membership cycle, you will need to register as a new member in your ‘new’ prefecture.

Step 5

Full-width Japanese characters (hiragana/katakanaa/kanji) are required for your name

JTU membership page

You'll need to be able to select your prefecture in Japanese but your address can be written in English

JTU membership registration page

Not processing?
Make sure you've completed all data fields in red.

Step 6

Include your club/team name
- otherwise, the majority of fields do not apply

Again, make sure you've completed all data fields in red before submitting

Step 7

Step 8

Take a photo of your receipt number
in case of operator or technical error

Step 9

JTU new membership registration page

You can also pay at a conbini
(but we don't explain that process here)

Step 10

JTU membership registration page

Congratulations, you are now a JTU member!

Don't Forget

For future reference, print your membership card and store your confirmation email (don't delete it)