Registration Tips

sign up for races in Japan - the easy way

Samurai Sports provides a platform for athletes to find fitness events and races all around Japan. Whether it’s a trail race, triathlon, or a bike ride around Mt. Fuji, we provide the support for you to join, start, and finish your race in Japan. 

Japan’s registration platforms are notoriously complex, and at Samurai Sports, we strive to make registration easy while still providing as many options as possible. That’s why we’re proud to have a “self-edit” feature available for all of our events.

With this new tool, athletes like yourself have the ability to confirm their registration (“Did I register successfully?”), change distances (“I changed my mind, I’d like to do 10KM not 5KM.”), and transfer registration between athletes (“I’m injured, can I let my friend take my entry?”).

We know things happen and plans change, so at Samurai Sports we want to try our best to accommodate all of life’s ups-and-downs. 

Read on to learn more about using the self-edit tool!

When is self-edit useful?

Self-Edit 101

Regarding Athlete to Athlete Transfers

・The recipient of an athlete to athlete transfer requires a first name, last name, DOB, and verification code from the athlete giving up his/her entry.
・Be careful about sharing personal data!
To protect your personal information, we recommend swapping out your personal information with a generic data before commencing athlete to athlete transfers. 

Finding Your Registration

・Go to the event registration page – easily accessible from the event information page on the Samurai Sports website
Click on the link in the top part of the registration page (“Take care of it on your own at…”)
・The link will always be The “###” is an event’s unique three-digit identifier code.
・The self-edit feature is available up until 2-5 days before the registration deadline.
・If the self-edit deadline and/or the registration deadline has passed, you can only confirm your registration. To do so, you must manually enter the link with the correct event identifier code (look at the URL on the event registration page).

Confirm Your Registration

・If your registration appears, your entry is valid and was successful. There is nothing further you need to do.
・If your registration does not appear, your entry was not successful.

Self-Edit Registration

Once your registration appears, click “Edit” and enter the verification code enclosed in your confirmation email 
・Click “Submit” and self-edit as necessary

What You Can Self-Edit

・Self-edit allows athletes to revise his or her personal information, address, and contact details.
・For athlete to athlete transfers, the recipient athlete must complete the registration form with his/her details. Any information about the original athlete should be deleted and replaced.
・Depending on the event, athletes may also change categories or waves. For instance, an entry for a 5KM may be changed to a 10KM, if available.
・In cases of upgrades (where one changes to a more expensive category), the difference must be covered via online payment by the recipient athlete. There are no refunds or reimbursements of any kind for downgrades. 
・At this point in time, add-on options cannot be accessed using the self-edit feature. 

Submit Updates

・Once the registration form is revised, reviewed, and signed, click “Submit Update” to complete the process

Important Notes

・Samurai Sports takes no part in financial transactions between parties. Payment solutions must be resolved and mutually agreed upon by the involved parties.
・Email confirmations are not sent when registrations are updated. 
・Confirm successful athlete to athlete transfers by repeating Step 1 using the details of the original athlete and recipient athlete.