May 16-17, 2020

Akiota, Hiroshima

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about the race

The Hiroshima Osorakan Trail Race is a challenging course requiring runners to traverse the highest peaks of both Hiroshima and Shimane Prefectures. Intermediate to advanced athletes will find this race suitably difficult as they climb the equivalent of sea level to the summit of Mt. Fuji. Line up with some of the nation’s hardiest trail runners and see where you stand!

Starting and finishing at the Osorakan Snow Park, the 65KM course involves completion of A Loop (27KM), B Loop (27.5KM), and C Loop (10KM) with a total ascent of almost 3,900 meters (about 12,800 feet). All three loops are an out and back with the base being Osorakan Snow Park. The 22KM course is separate from the 65KM course but also starts and ends at Osorakan Snow Park.

There is also an 80KM (50 miles) course at this year’s event. However, this course is limited to runners who have previously completed the 65KM course in under 12 hours – a feat our international athletes were unable to complete in past editions of the Hiroshima Osorakan Trail Race. Hence, Samurai Sports do not offer the 80KM option.

65KM Course | ITRA 3 | +4,230m
A Loop: Osorakan Snow Park – Mt. Hijiri – Mt. Takadake – Lake Hijiri – Tashirogawa River – Osorakan Snow Park
First half features easygoing trails and forestry construction roads. Second half will be more technical with hazardous spots and streams to cross, advanced mountaineering skills are recommended. The breathtaking view of the Osorakan Trails from Mt. Takadake will be worth the struggle!

B Loop: Osorakan Snow Park – Mt. Osoraka – Mt Jippou-Nasu – Uchigoru Pass – Osorakan Snow Park
Longest loop and with the biggest accumulated elevation difference. You will feel fatigued and encounter difficulty maintaining your pace on this highly mountainous course. An 800m section at the top of Mt. Osorakan is a walking zone. Daikoro-Hara (Kitchen Field) located in the beech forests on Mt. Osorakan and the Sky Trail on Mt. Jippou will provide momentary relief through the strenuous course.

C Loop: Osorakan Snow Park – Yokokawa River – Mt. Toishigou – Osorakan Snow Park
Though short, the steep uphill climbs in C Loop will be tough on the legs. Mt. Toishigou looms as the last challenge – those successfully finishing within the time limit will be awarded emotionally and granted bragging rights.

22KM Course | +1,248m 
Runners will start the first 2.5KM on road before entering the trails at Yokogawa towards Yobiya Pass. After Yobiya Pass, you’ll return towards Osorakan Snow Park to encounter your first aid station at the 8.5KM mark. On this stretch, the trail is narrow and runners will find their speed decreasing as the terrain becomes more formidable. Additionally, you will climb about 300m to reach Osorakan Snow Park.

Head due west towards Natsu Yake Pass before arriving at Mt. Osorakan at around the 14KM mark. You will climb about 350m to reach Mt. Osorakan but will also encounter 2KM of relatively flat gravel – don’t forget to enjoy the views on this section. One portion is walking only – and you will walk for approximately 10 minutes so bringing an additional layer and/or wearing wicking fabrics is important. Once you’ve cleared the walking section, you can pick up the speed.
Continue to the water station at 17.7KM, at which point the terrain will switch to less trail, more gravel. After the water station is a 2KM downhill – proceed with caution. One final climb (about 1.7KM) on the road before hitting the ski slopes, which will be your glory road leading to the finish line.

・The area is remote and both public transportation and lodging options are limited. If you can car pool or drive your own vehicle/rental car, you should. This year, interested participants may also include add-on options for local accommodation and transportation, or accommodation only.
・This race is not beginner-friendly – please be a responsible athlete and only register if you feel confident about your abilities, the distance, and race logistics (including before and after the race).
・For safety, all 65KM participants will be equipped with one-day rental of Coco  Heli, a lightweight personal locator beacon capable of sending a distress signal and your location to a network of rescue helicopters throughout Japan. Rental fees are included in the entry fee. 

・65KM = about 40 miles
・22KM = about 13.6 miles

・Stay updated via Facebook (event page link coming soon)

サムライスポーツでの参加申込は外国人参加者を対象としたものです。 日本人の方がエントリーされた場合は無効となり、参加費については、返金事務手数料を差し引いた上でご返金となります。ご了承ください。

  • 00Days Until Race Day

May 16, 2020 (Saturday)
at Osorakan Snow Park
1300-1600…Race packet collection (all distances; required for 65KM)
1600-1630…Race briefing
1645-1800…Opening ceremony and pre-race dinner (add’l fees apply)

May 17, 2020 (Sunday)
at Osorakan Snow Park
0415…Opening ceremony
0430…80KM start
0500…65KM start
0700-0815…22KM race packet collection
0845…Opening ceremony
0900…22KM start
2000…Event finishes, cut off time

65KM: ¥17,600 (incl. Samurai Sports service charge and one-day rental of Coco  Heli, a lightweight personal locator beacon capable of sending a distress signal and your location to a network of rescue helicopters throughout Japan.)
22KM: ¥9,000 (incl. Samurai Sports service charge)

Bus & 1N Stay packages
at Ikoinomura Hiroshima 
1 person / 1 room (8 tatami mats with toilet) ¥21,000 
2 person / 1 room (8 tatami mats with full bath) ¥19,500 
3-5 people (10 tatami mats with toilet and shared room) ¥16,500 
Common Room (gender separated spaces and bathrooms) ¥15,500 

1N Stay Only
at Ikoinomura Hiroshima 
1 person 1 room (8 tatami mats with toilet) ¥11,000 
2 person 1 room (8 tatami mats with full bath) ¥9,500 
3-5 people shared room (10 tatami mats with toilet) ¥6,500
Common Room (gender separated spaces and bathrooms) ¥5,500

Dinner at Ikoinomura Hiroshima ¥2,000
Pre-race dinner at Osorakan Park ¥2,000

Not limited to athletes; companions may also be included. 

・Races organized by Fields include the following charges in this order: (a) entry/registration fee + (b) a flat rate ¥1,000 English support fee per entry, lodging, transport, and/or package + (c) Samurai Sports’ service charge (¥1,000 up to ¥10,000; 10% of entry/registration fee above ¥10,001). 
・The amounts reflected above and in Samurai Sports’ information are inclusive of all three parts, namely (a), (b), and (c). 
Why does Samurai Sports implement a service charge? They help us cover the cost of operating the registration platform, translation of athlete guides/event information, labor hours required to answer your event inquiries, etc. Depending on the event, the surcharges help to cover the cost of our physical presence at the event.

Note about Accommodation
Samurai Sports and Fields encourages all athletes (regardless of distance) and their companions to arrange for and stay overnight in nearby accommodation. The race organizers believe that this allows runners adequate rest on the night before the race and helps to prevent injuries or accidents that may occur during a race, especially those in a high altitude environment. Relax and get ready for the race – it will be an early start!

If your lodging circumstances have changed or need to be altered for any reason at all, please send us an email at

Age Eligibility
Must be 18 or older

Cut Off Times
・65KM…15 hours 
22KM…6 hours 30 minutes 

・Demonstrate good manners. All participants must be respectful of the natural course environment and do his/her best to preserve it. Be mindful of other climbers and hikers on the trail.
・Be a responsible athlete. Please make sure you have the physical ability to complete the course.

Mandatory Gear

65KM and 22KM: bear bell, rain jacket and/or cold-weather protection, head lamp, emergency sheet, at least 1L of hydration, gloves, nutrition/food, personal cup/bottle/flask, proof of health insurance

* 65KM: If you leave A4 after 1600, race staff will check that you possess a rain jacket and working head lamp. You may not proceed to C loop if one or more items are missing.

Recommended: Rain jackets with a waterproof seam and water pressure resistance of 20,000mm or more, and moisture permeability of 10,000g/㎡ 24hrs or more. Rain pants and a head or hand lamp with new batteries and adequate light intensity (250 lumen or more) for mountaineering/ trail running are also recommended.

65KM: Refer to this PDF

Loop A: Red (27KM)
Loop B: Blue (27KM)
Loop C: Green (10KM)

22KM: Refer to this PDF

65KM aid stations: 16KM, 27KM, 36KM (WS), 47KM (WS)
22KM aid stations: 8.5KM, 17.5KM (WS)

・Elevation Profile (22KM, 65KM): Refer to this PDF
・GPX files are available on the Japanese website

Please note that the course map and advertised distance may not align perfectly. This is due to the fact that some areas do not always ping well using GPS or GLONASS. Additionally, course maps often calculate distance between several geographical coordinates that do not account for irregularities in the surface of the route nor changes in elevation relative to the idealized surface.

Should you find a discrepancy between the advertised distance and the map, you may reasonably expect to run a maximum of the distance advertised but may also find that the distance actually covered more closely resembles that of the course map provided.

Osorakan Snow Park and Family Square
740-1 Akiōta, Yamagata, Hiroshima 731-3801
Google Maps

This area is difficult to access by public transportation. Please ensure you have lodging and transportation plans figured out BEFORE registering for this event.

By Car
From Hiroshima, about one hour (70KM / 44 miles)
From Iwakuni, about two hours (95KM / 59 miles)

For car navis, use the following address and phone number:
Osorakan Snow Park
740-1 Akiōt, Yamagata, Hiroshima, 731-3801
(Google Maps)

Shuttle Bus
・Hiroshima station -> Osorakan Snow Park (race venue) -> lodging -> race venue -> Hiroshima station
・Shuttle bus only  available as a package with lodging; you must add-on the Bus + 1N Stay package upon registration.
・Shuttle buses are chartered tour buses with AC
・First come, first served – packages and accommodation are expected to sell out.

Shuttle Bus Timetable
May 16
Depart Hiroshima station
Depart Osorakan Snow Park for Ikoinomura Hiroshima (for those not staying for the pre-race dinner) 
Depart Osorakan Snow Park for Ikoinomura Hiroshima

May 17
Depart Ikoinomura Hiroshima for Osorokan Snow Park (80KM, 65KM) 
Depart Ikoinomura Hiroshima for Osorokan Snow Park (22KM) 
Bus A departs Osorakan Snow Park to Hiroshima station (ETA 1800) 
Bus B departs Osorakan Snow Park to Hiroshima station (ETA 2230)

For more general information regarding access, click here (in Japanese).

・There will be parking nearby the race site and at the Osorakan Snow Park.
・Details regarding parkng will be in the athlete guide.

Top 6 overall men/women
Top 3 age group men/women

Top 1-3 overall men/women
Top 3 age group men/women

Age Groups
18-39, 40-49, 50+

2019 Finishers
280 (70%)
22KM: 316 (96%)
Total: 596 (83.8%)

2019 Results

General No refunds, deferrals, or credits will be issued. This applies to incidents in which the event is cancelled for any reason including personal participant circumstances of the participant (including illness and injury) and incidents in which the event is cancelled due to unforeseen weather conditions or natural disasters. ・Depending on the event, transfers and certain modifications to your entry may be permitted. Generally, entries may be transferable and/or permit modifications until 3-5 days before the last day of registration. After this period, all transfers are considered illegal and modifications will not be accommodated. The event organizers will reserve the right to exclude both parties from future events. ・You will not sue the event organizers nor its affiliates (including Samurai Sports) for any injury or death caused during the event. ・You consent to and will give all authorities and copyright to the event organizer and affiliates for the use of photography, motion pictures, articles, recordings or any other record of this event (including personal information such as name, age, gender, personal record, portrait, and etc.) for legitimate purposes and use in newspapers, TV, magazines, internet and any media publishing such as Facebook posts, Instagram posts, and pamphlets. ・ Please ensure you have lodging and transportation plans figured out BEFORE registering for this event. Participants determined to be violating the policies below may be disqualified without a refund: ・Any person found to be bib-swapping (illegal transfer of bib); the person will be held responsible in case of an accident arising from or provoked by the other person during the event. ・Any person found to be registering with inaccurate information, i.e. false declarations of the participants name, age, or gender. Insurance ・ Those participating and coming from abroad must be enrolled in medical and/or travel insurance in case of accident, injury, and medical emergencies. ・ Before signing up, please carefully read all rules and regulations of the event. If the rules and regulations cannot be followed, participation may be denied by the event organizers. If anything is unclear, please do not hesitate to contact us – it is your responsibility to be prepared. ・The race organizers have purchased accident insurance to cover participants’ accidents and injuries. The compensation is as follows: in case of death or lasting disability: ¥3,000,000. Hospitalization (per day): ¥3,000. Outpatient treatment (per day): ¥2,000 Athlete Guides ・In most cases, athlete guides in English will be sent via email approximately 7-21 days before the event. However, the delivery of athlete guides is entirely dependent on the timeliness of the event organizers. Samurai Sports takes approximately one to two days from receipt of the Japanese athlete guide to translate into English. RULES AND REGULATIONS Course Preservation ・Do not leave the course or enter any off-course areas. When you pass another participant, hiker or local resident, be sure to stay on the course as a means of preserving the natural habitat and also preventing unfortunate incidents. ・No littering. Keep an eye out for your personal belongings! Please pick up any trash that you find on the site. ・Collecting or damaging plants or wildlife on the course and in the surrounding areas is strictly prohibited. ・Poles are permitted, but please attach rubber caps to the points. If we determine that the course is in poor condition, we may prohibit use of poles and similar equipment to prevent further deterioration. Be aware of those around you when using poles. ・You must walk sections marked as “Walking only” – this may be only ・Please use the toilets at each aid station, or use a portable toilet. Consideration for Hikers, Local Residents, and Other Race Participants  ・You are likely to encounter hikers and local residents on the course. When passing them in either direction, be sure to call out in advance and to exchange greetings to maintain good relations with the local community. ・Remember that the race is made possible thanks to the support of local residents and volunteers. Please show appropriate gratitude to them. Safety Management ・If you decide that you are unable to continue due to injury or illness, please contact the nearest race staff member or race headquarters. The emergency telephone numbers are printed on your bib. In case the race officials find the race too difficult to continue, the race may be suspended or called off. ・The entire course is in a natural environment and the conditions are constantly changing. Pay attention to the circumstances around you as you run and do not force yourself into any difficult situations. ・Weather conditions on the course are likely to change suddenly, and participants can expect to face rain, strong winds or similar conditions that can cause hypothermia. Please make adequate preparations for such conditions in advance. ・Medical staff will be on-hand at race headquarters to deal with first aid for injuries and illness. Rescue vehicles are also on standby at each aid station to transport injured participants and those who drop out. Dropping Out / DNF ・If you drop out during the race for any reason, be sure to tell course marshals or aid station staff member your name and bib number. ・If you are unable to do so at the time, please inform race headquarters as soon as possible and return your timing chip. ・If you arrive at a checkpoint past the cut off time, your race ends at this point. You MUST follow the instructions of the race staff and/or volunteers. Course Markings ・Guide signs every 250 to 350 meters and guide tape (10cm-wide vinyl tape with a bright pink “Fields” logo) are installed all along the course. Tape is attached to tree branches and in other visible locations at intersections and hazardous points on the course. ・If you lose sight of the guide tapes, return to the spot where you last saw it and follow the correct course. Course marshals will be at key locations such as intersections and road crossings, but following course markings is the responsibility of each participant. Returning Your Timing Chip ・Your timing chip is attached to the rear side of your bib number. Please make sure to detach it and give it to race staff or put it in the chip return box after you finish the race. ・If you drop out during the race or decide not to start the race, please make sure to return your timing chip to race headquarters. ・There will be a ¥10,000 charge for lost or unreturned timing chips. Check-In ・Participants who fail to check in before the check-in time will not be allowed to join the race. GROUNDS FOR DISQUALIFICATION ・Participants who show inadequate respect for the environment and area by dumping garbage, entering areas off the course or other actions. ・Participants who fail to comply with instructions from race officials or course marshals. ・Participants who falsely declare their age, gender, and identification on their applications. ・Participants who commit wrongdoing. ・Participants who miss the starting time. ・Participants who fail to clear checkpoint cutoff times or those who do not reach the finish line by the final time limit. (Cutoff times are the times when you leave each checkpoint) ・Participants who fail to bring mandatory equipment. ・Participants who do not wear their bib appropriately. Attach your bib to your front without bending or otherwise manipulating it. ・Participants who run with headphones or similar items that block external sound, excluding hearing aids. GROUNDS FOR CANCELLATION OF EVENT ・The race may be canceled for various reasons, including when a weather warning is issued, the course is in poor condition due to extreme weather, or participants’ safety cannot be guaranteed. ・Depending upon weather conditions, the race may also be delayed, rescheduled or the course may be changed to assure participants’ safety. ・If the race is cancelled, postponed, shortened, or otherwise modified, no refunds, deferrals, transfers, or credits will be issued. This applies to incidents in which the event is cancelled for any reason including personal participant circumstances (such as illness) and incidents in which the event is modified due to unforeseen weather conditions or natural disasters.

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