TBA 2022

Nantan, Kyoto

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about the race

Celebrating its sixth edition in 2020, the Kyoto Tamba triathlon welcomes future and veteran triathletes to one of Japan’s most sought-after destinations. Boasting a river swim, a fast bike course through rice paddies, and a flat riverside run, it’s perfect for a PR. Taking place in June, athletes confident in the heat and humidity of summer in Japan will shine in this late summer race.

With both an Olympic Distance (Standard) and Super Sprint, it’s a race geared for triathletes of all levels and competitiveness. Unfortunately, Samurai Sports is not accepting registrations for the draft-legal Sprint distance this year.

Located just outside of Kyoto, Nantan is a serene getaway with rich natural and scenic heritage. With two large rivers flowing through the city and a mountainous backdrop, Nantan is a reflection of tremendous diversity in a small territory. Don’t forget to treat yourself to countryside cuisine both before and after the race – specialties include soba and venison. Come for the race, stay for the weekend!

• Great for beginners! With a super sprint course (swim 500m, bike 10KM, run 2.5KM), the Kyoto Tamba Triathlon gives beginners a sneak peek of what triathlon is all about.
Easily accessible! For those residing in the Kinki region and southern Chubu region, the Kyoto Tamba Triathlon is easily accessible by car. However, the trains are not operating early enough for the race schedule. 
Not a JTU member? You can still race with us! Just leave the Japan Triathlon Union membership ID field blank and you’ll be covered with a JTU one-day pass. JTU members must input their membership ID to receive a ¥1,000 discount.

サムライスポーツは日本国籍以外を対象とした外国人向け専用受付サイトです。日本国籍の方は日本語サイトからお申込みください。日本国籍以外の方がエントリーした場合、無効となる場合があります 。無効となった場合には、返金手数料を差し引き、参加費をご返金させていただきます。

  • 00Days Until Race Day

Registration Period

January 31 - March 9, 2020


2020, 2021 editions cancelled due to COVID-19

June 20, 2020
at Kyoto Prefectural Kuchi-tanba Kin-rosha Fukushi Hall
1400-1550…race packet collection (mandatory)
1445-1515…Olympic Distance/Super Sprint beginners race briefing (optional; strongly encouraged for beginners)
1525…welcome ceremony
1550…opening ceremony, medical briefing (mandatory)
1645-1715…Olympic Distance, Super Sprint race briefing in English (optional)

June 21, 2020
at Oigawa Ryokuchi Park
Olympic/Standard Distance
0530-0630…submit athlete safety checklist (mandatory)
0530-0710…transition opens
0640-0655…swim warm-up
0705-0715…ankle band timing chip distribution
0715…opening ceremony
0730…Wave 1 starts
0732…Wave 2 starts
0734…Wave 3 starts
1215-1400…transition reopens (bike collection)

Super Sprint
0530-0630…submit athlete safety checklist (mandatory)
0530-0710…transition opens 
0815-0825…ankle band timing chip distribution
0825-0830…swim warm-up
1215-1400…transition reopens (bike collection)

Olympic Distance
General: ¥27,500
JTU member: ¥26,400 

Super Sprint Distance – Individual
General: ¥12,100
JTU member: ¥11,000

Additional Surcharges
・All prices listed above include Samurai Sports service charge 
・If total cost is ¥10,000 or less, you will incur a flat fee service charge of ¥1,000.
・If total cost is more than ¥10,001, you will incur a service charge amounting to 10% of total cost.
Why does Samurai Sports implement a service charge? They help us cover the cost of operating the registration platform, translation of athlete guides/event information, labor hours required to answer your event inquiries, etc. Depending on the event, the surcharges help to cover the cost of our physical presence at the event.

Terms of Eligibility
・Age: Must be 18 or older to participate in the Olympic Distance (must be 11 or older to participate in the super sprint)
・Japan Triathlon Union Membership: Must be a registered 2020 JTU member to participate in the Olympic Distance triathlon. Visitors and/or non-members must purchase the 1 day membership (¥1,000)
・Health: Must be in good health and adhere to all rules. All athletes must complete health checklist before competition.
Race Briefing: Must be able to attend the information session/race briefing the day before the race.
Wetsuits: Required if temperature is under 18 °C. Not required if over 18 °C but recommended.

Cut-Off Time
Olympic Distance

・Swim: 50 minutes (incl. T1)
・Bike: 110 minutes
・Run: 80 minutes

Super Sprint
15 minutes (incl. T1)
30 minutes
15 minutes

・Demonstrate good manners. All participants must be respectful of the natural course environment and do his/her best to preserve it. Be mindful of other athleetes on course.
・Be a responsible athlete. Please make sure you have the physical ability to complete the course.

・swim cap (provided)
・running shoes
・proof of health insurance
・water bottle
・wetsuit – required if water temperature is 18 degrees or colder

・nutrition/hydration (as necessary)
・Garmin or similar fitness tracker device
・race belt
・bike shoes
・body glide / Vaseline
・plastic bag(s)
・mobile phone/smartphone (not on the course)
・Drivers license 

・Bicycles must be road bicycles and helmets must be worn at all times.
・Water stations will be located at the transition area and run course only. NO WATER OR AID ON THE BIKE COURSE. Please plan accordingly.
・ Please ensure you have lodging and transportation plans figured out BEFORE registering for this event.

On the Race Course
・It is your responsibility to fully understand the course and race environment. Participants who do not complete the correct number of laps will be disqualified.
・If you stray from the course for any reason, resume from the point that you strayed the course. Running in the opposite direction of the course is prohibited.
It is prohibited to receive assistance other than at official aid stations.
・Follow all traffic rules even during the race.
・Keep left during the bike and run portion. Be cautious of other racers.
・Pay close attention to spectators and pedestrians who are crossing.
・Keep left and slow down when emergency vehicles are present. You may have to stop and yield to emergency vehicles.

Attire & Gear
・All athletes must wear swim caps that are provided (unless you are a relay team member not swimming)
The use of wetsuits is mandatory if temperature is under 18 °C. Not required if over 18 °C but recommended.
・Must wear proper attire (both top and bottom) during the bike and run portion.
・Do not unzip your bike shirt. No bare torsos on the run.
・Make sure your bike is serviced before the race. There will only be basic tuning at the mechanical service the day before and day of the event.
・Helmets are required while riding on bicycles at all times, even during warm ups.
・Take off any items on your bicycle that are unnecessary during the race, such as fenders, stands, and covers (lights and reflectors are permitted) #aeroiseverything.
・Proper body number marking – mark both arms with the 2 tattoo stickers or using marker – there will be markers at the race. If your arms are covered, then mark both thighs. If you are fully covered, please consult with a race/JTU official.
・We recommend using a race belt for your bib. Your bib should be displayed on your back during the bike portion and displayed on the front during the run portion.
Taking pictures, listening to music, and using earphones/headphones are prohibited during the race for safety reasons.

Timing Chip (ankle)
・You will receive your ankle timing chip during the swim check. You will be disqualified if the timing chip is not worn at all times during all events. No exceptions.
・The timing chip can be worn on the right or left ankle. The timing chip relies primarily on Velcro, but you will receive a rubber band to doubly secure and fasten the timing chip. Relay teams will receive 1 sash per team.
You must return the timing chip at the end of the race. You will be charged 10,000 JPY if not returned.

About the Swim Leg
・The race official or lifeguard will ask you to withdraw if they feel you cannot safely continue.
・There will be an aid station near the swim out.
・Resting for a short period by hanging onto a buoy or boat is permitted.
・In an emergency, swim away from the course and float on your back to catch your breath.
・To be rescued, wave both hands in the air and call for help.

Transition Area
・Only racers are allowed in the transition area, spectators must remain outside. Riding your bicycle inside the transition area is prohibited.
・Place everything you need during the bike and run portions in your transition area. T1 and T2 are the same.
・Place your bikes with the handle in the front of the rack and hang your bike on the rack from the saddle (not the handlebars).
・Place everything you don’t need after the swim and leave it in your transition area (i.e. swim cap, goggles, wetsuit, etc.). There will be a penalty for any dropped items on the course.
・Wear your helmet before taking your bike off the rack. Take your helmet off after you hang your bike on the rack.
・You may get on your bike after your front wheel crosses the mount line and get off your bike at the dismount line. There will be lines clearly demarcated on the ground and JTU officials will be onsite to assist participants.

About the Bike Portion
・You must have at least 1 water bottle on your bicycle. Do not use disposable plastic bottles.
・Keep left and do not ride side by side, unless when passing.
NO DRAFTING. Riding within 10m of each other will be considered drafting and you will be penalized.
・If passing another cyclist, you must pass within 20 seconds or it will be considered drafting. Make sure you signal by calling out loud and pass on the ride side. It is prohibited to pass on a turn or corner.
・After passing, keep left until you gain enough distance with the cyclist behind you. The cyclist who is passed should ALSO SLOW DOWN to allow the passing cyclist to gain 10 meters of space.

About the Run Portion
・Pass from the right side after letting the runner know – don’t be a jerk.
・You will be photographed at the finish line. Take off your sunglasses and hat to identify yourself. Smile!
・After crossing the finish line, a volunteer will give you a race towel and take off your ankle timing chip.

Cut Off Time, Race Result, and Finisher’s Certificate
・There IS a cut off time for each leg – you should be aware of what these cut off times are.
・There will be a tent for results at the race. However, the timing management tent will be VERY busy and unable to attend to individual queries. Unofficial results for the top finishers will be posted at the race site for awards purposes; however; official results will only be posted on the official race site 24-48 hours AFTER the race.
・Finisher’s certificates will be made available as a downloadable PDF after the race.

View course map here (all distances)

Olympic (Standard) Distance
Swim 3x 500m 
Bike 4x 10KM
Run 4x 2.5KM
・No aid stations on the bike course
・1 aid station (x4) on the run course

Super Sprint Distance
Swim .75x 500m 
Bike 1x 10KM
Run 1x 2.5KM
・No aid stations on the bike course
・1 aid station on the run course 

View video of each course here

Oigawa Ryokuchi Park (start/finish)
5-7 Aizenjima, Yagicho Nishida, Nantan, Kyoto 629-0134
Google Maps

Kyoto Prefectural Kuchi-tanba Kin-rosha Fukushi Hall (race packet collection/race briefing)
Google Maps

By Train (to Yagi station)
From Nagoya, about 1 hour 5o minutes
From Osaka, about 1 hour 35 minutes
From Tokyo, about 3 hours
From Kyoto, about 1 hour

By Car

From Nagoya, about 2 hours 10 minutes (174KM/108 miles)
From Osaka, about 1 hour (71.5KM/44.4 miles)
From Tokyo, about 6 hours (497KM/308.8 miles)
From Kyoto, about 30 minutes.(35KM/21.7 miles)

By Foot
About 10-15 min. by foot from Yagi Station to Oigawa Ryokuchi Park.

Free parking near race venue (3 parking lots)

Individual Awards
Top 6 Overall Male/Female
Top 3 Age Group Male/Female
Age group: 24 and under, 25-29, etc. in five year increments until 80-84 (Age group awards exclude winners of the Top 3 Overall Awards)

Super Sprint
Top 3 male/female (excludes high school athletes)
Junior High School top 3 male/female
Kyoto Prefecture Junior High School Championship top 3 male/female

2019 Olympic Distance Results…click here
2019 Super Sprint Results…click here


In short, you must follow all Japan Triathlon Union (JTU) regulations, as well as local rules. All participants must take note of the following rules:
・Understand the rules, schedule, and course details before participating.
・Only those who are registered can participate in the race. Entry fees cannot be transferred.
・Refrain from drinking alcohol, get enough sleep and nutrients, and drink plenty of water before the race.
・Withdraw from the race at any time if you are feeling unwell. Have the courage to quit before you hurt yourself.
・There will be no refunds if the event is cancelled or shortened due to unforeseen weather.
・Reasons for shortening, altering, or cancelling the event include: (a) if the sea water temperature is under 64.4°F (18°C); (b) if the wind velocity is over 10m or waves are over 2m high; (c) if the rain or fog significantly impairs the vision (range of visibility is below 500m); (d) during natural disasters, such as a typhoon or earthquake; (e ) when the event organizers and officials otherwise decide the condition is unsafe and dangerous.

・Anyone who violates race rules or shows unsportsmanlike conduct will receive a first verbal warning.
・If you continue to violate race rules or show unsportsmanlike conduct, you will receive a second time penalty. When you receive a time penalty, you must wait 1 minute per penalty inside the transition penalty area. You will be automatically disqualified If you do not wait in the penalty area.
・You will be disqualified if you receive 3 penalties.
・You will be automatically disqualified if you cause an accident due to unsportsmanlike conduct.

Dropping Out / DNF / Withdrawing
・If you drop out during the race for any reason, be sure to tell course marshals or aid station staff member your name and bib number. You may also be asked to return the ankle timing chip.
・If you are unable to so at the time, please inform race headquarters as soon as possible and return your timing chip.
・At no point should you run in the opposite direction of the race.
・Be aware of your surroundings and notify an official or volunteer if someone looks unwell or unfit to race.
・Emergency vehicles will be available on the course. Let an official or volunteer know if you need help.
・When an ambulance is present, slow down and keep left in single file.

・Participants who show inadequate respect for the environment and area by littering, entering areas off the course or other actions.
・Participants who fail to comply with instructions from race officials or course marshals.
・Participants who falsely declare their age, gender, and identification on their applications.
・Participants who commit wrongdoing.
・Participants who miss the starting time.
・Participants who fail to clear checkpoint cutoff times or those who do not reach the finish line by the final time limit. (Cutoff times are the times when you leave each checkpoint)
・Participants who fail to bring mandatory equipment.
・Participants who receive 3 (or more) penalties.
・Participants who cause an accident due to unsportsmanlike conduct.
・Participants who run with headphones or similar items that block external sound, excluding hearing aids.

・The race may be canceled for various reasons, including when a weather warning is issued, the course is in poor condition due to extreme weather, or participants’ safety cannot be guaranteed.
・Depending upon weather conditions, the race may also be delayed, rescheduled or the course may be changed to assure participants’ safety.
・No refunds or credits will be issued. This applies to incidents in which the event is cancelled for any reason including personal participant circumstances (such as illness) and incidents in which the event is cancelled due to unforeseen weather conditions or natural disasters.

・ No refunds, deferrals, or credits will be issued. This applies to incidents in which the event is cancelled for any reason including personal participant circumstances of the participant (including illness and injury) and incidents in which the event is cancelled due to unforeseen weather conditions or natural disasters.
・Depending on the event, transfers and certain modifications to your entry may be permitted. Generally, entries may be transferable and/or permit modifications until 3-5 days before the last day of registration. After this period, all transfers are considered illegal and modifications will not be accommodated.
・You will not sue the event organizers nor its affiliates (including Samurai Sports) for any injury or death caused during the event.
・ You consent to and will give all authorities and copyright to the event organizer and affiliates for the use of photography, motion pictures, articles, recordings or any other record of this event (including personal information such as name, age, gender, personal record, portrait, and etc.) for legitimate purposes and use in newspapers, TV, magazines, internet and any media publishing such as Facebook posts, Instagram posts, and pamphlets.

Participants determined to be violating the policies below may be disqualified without a refund:
・Any person found to be bib-swapping (illegal transfer of bib); the person will be held responsible in case of an accident arising from or provoked by the other person during the event.
・Any person found to be registering with inaccurate information, i.e. false declarations of the participants name, age, or gender.

・ Those participating and coming from abroad must be enrolled in medical and/or travel insurance in case of accident, injury, and medical emergencies.
・ Before signing up, please carefully read all rules and regulations of the event. If the rules and regulations cannot be followed, participation may be denied by the event organizers. If anything is unclear, please do not hesitate to contact us – it is your responsibility to be prepared.

・The organizer is aware of the importance of your personal information. The use of personal information conforms to the organizer’s privacy protection law.
・Your personal information is used to provide you valuable services, such as race information, results, service from race affiliates, result ranking, and etc.
・The organizer may release your personal information when your life or body is in a life-threatening situation.
・The race organizer and its affiliates may contact you regarding your registration information.

Athlete Guides
・In most cases, athlete guides in English will be sent via email approximately 7-21 days before the event. However, the delivery of athlete guides is entirely dependent on the timeliness of the event organizers. Samurai Sports takes approximately one to two days from receipt of the Japanese athlete guide to translate into English.

Additional Surcharges
・If total cost is ¥10,000 or less, you will incur a flat fee service charge of ¥1,000.
・If total cost is more than ¥10,001, you will incur a service charge amounting to 10% of total cost.
Why the additional charges? They help us cover the cost of operating the registration platform, translation of athlete guides/event information, labor hours required to answer your event inquiries, etc. Depending on the event, the surcharges help to cover the cost of our physical presence at the event.

Kyoto Tamba Triathlon Executive Committee



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